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Air Conditioner / Heating:

On the display there are 3 sections - Heating or Cooling function - Temperature

  • Using the middle button on the panel which has 4 directional arrows on it, choose the desired function you require, i.e. cooling or heating.
  • Once selected using the arrows, move the display to the middle screen and choose the desired temperature you would like it set to.
  • Now using the arrows move the display to the last section on the display and choose your desired fan speed.
  • Please note: The top of the A/C will open when it is turned on and it will close when you turn the A/C off


Dish Washer:

Using the dishwasher, which you will find located in the kitchen drawer.

  • Push the power button on the Left hand side 
  • Select the type of cycle you want on the far right hand side.
  • The time the cycle will appear in the clock section.
  • Press start and close the door.


Hair Dryer's:

This can be found on the shelf under the hand basin in the bathroom

Hot Plate:

Make sure the power switch is turned on at the wall.
Look for the power button located on the bottom right hand corner of the hot plate.
Choose the ring you want to use and then select the temperature level you want, level 1 to 9.
1 being the lowest setting & 9 being the highest setting

Please Note: If the Stove top is showing the word (Lo) simply hold the Lock button down for 5 seconds to release it

Iron & Ironing Board:

These can be found in the Wardrobe in the Bedroom area.

Range Hood:

You will find the power switch to this item underneath the hood towards the front.

The On /Off button is located on the left side of the range hood and the 3 buttons in the middle are the fan speed settings.

The light button is located on the right of all other buttons.


To connect to the Wifi - Search for the network called Oros Hotel Guests.

Upon establishing connection a web page will appear prompting you to enter a password.

This is a unique code given to you on check in by our friendly team member.

TV Wi-Fi Trouble Shooting

Do not try to connect internet to the TV with instructions provided at check-in, these are for your personal devices only.

Your TV should already be connected to internet through a dedicated WiFi network, to test if it works try to launch the Youtube app from the main menu.

If you can connect other devices, but the TV does not work, this suggests it is localized to the TV and not to the internet service, please contact reception to have this

Please note If you are able to successfully connect other devices to the WiFi, this will mean the internet is working and stable. It is likely that the TV needs to be rebooted and power cycled.

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Washing Machine & Dryer

This is combined Dryer & Washer.

Press the Power Button (Diagram 1)

Press the Mode Button (Diagram 2)

Select the desired option you want: (Diagram 3)

  • Wash & Dry
  • Wash Only
  • Dry Only

Choose the desired type of clothing you are going to be putting in the Machine (Diagram 4)

  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Dedicates
  • Bedding
  • Mixed etc.

Press Start. (Diagram 5)


If you need to open the machine press the Pause button (Diagram 5) and wait for the lock indicator (Diagram 6) to go off then the door can be opened.

In the event the Lock button (Diagram 6) does not go off it is because the water is already above the bottom edge of the door or the drum is turning.

In this case the door "CANNOT" be opened.